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Prayer Notes from Friday 12th July 2024


  • Pray for the Sunday services.  P Carr is due to take the morning service in KILWINNING and D Peters the one in AYR.  The evening service in AYR is to be taken by K Boyd.


  • Continue to pray for Murdina McP who remains in hospital and for May K, Isobel S and Irene B who are in different care homes.  Pray that all be well cared for.


  • Remember those who have not been in church for some time now and also those experiencing a range of difficulties or waiting for treatment.


  • Charlie F, who worshipped for a time in Ayr some years ago, passed away last week and his funeral was on Wednesday.  Give thanks for his life and witness and pray for his family at this time of loss.


  • Give thanks for James M being back regularly with us and praying at the prayer meeting again.


  • Pray for God to bless us as we meet together for worship and prayer.  Also in our individual lives that God will help us to serve him faithfully.


  • Pray for the new Government as they settle in to their various jobs – Prime Minister Keir Starmer, Deputy Prime Minister Angela Rayner, Chancellor Rachel Reeves, Foreign Secretary David Lammy and Home Secretary Yvette Cooper.


  • SU Scotland        Please pray for K Haxton and her team as they prepare for SU Scotland’s youth festival, Magnitude, which begins Saturday 20th at Lendrick Muir. A larger tent has been booked this year as demand has grown. Give thanks for this and for the impact of the festival on young people across Scotland as youth leaders bring groups from churches far and wide.


  • Prison Fellowship Scotland         This week (14th July onwards) marks Alcohol Awareness Week. Pray for all those affected by both imprisonment and struggles with alcohol and addiction. Give thanks for everyone dedicated to supporting these individuals and pray that they continue to receive the necessary support and assistance.


  • CARE     Remember the almost 110,000 children in the UK who are in care, many having experienced abuse, neglect or other trauma. We pray too for the 11,000 young people aged 16, 17 or 18 leaving the care system every year with little support to find work and accommodation and to manage their finances.


  • Lebanon, Tearfund                          Pray for families facing difficult times without basic necessities like food. Ask for strength, resilience and comfort in God’s presence. Thank God that they can see a glimpse of his love through local churches and Christians, and for the opportunity for Christians to unite and be a beacon of hope within their communities. Ask God to bless Tearfund’s staff, partners and local churches with renewed strength and wisdom to continue this vital work. Pray for unity and healing in Lebanon as it has been deeply wounded by countless trials. Pray for peace to prevail, especially as the current conflict in Gaza and Israel poses severe risks to Lebanon.

Osamu and Mairi, Japan

  • Osamu and Mairi are planning to start a drop-in-cafe for the community some time in autumn. Please pray for the preparation for this.


  • On 19th Tohoku Keswick Convention committee members meet to discuss about getting more churches in Tohoku region interested in Keswick. Please pray for wisdom and guidance.


Free Churches


  • Give thanks for the congregation in Dumbarton. Please pray that they would be strengthened by the Spirit for works of service, and that they would grow in knowledge and wisdom as they serve and seek Christ.


  • Please pray for the congregation in their time of vacancy, please pray that the Lord would be with His people and granting them all wisdom. Give thanks for Rev C Buchanan who is resident supply and pray that the Lord would bless Him.


Hope Church Leith

  • Please pray for Hope Church Leith Church Plant, as we think and pray more about the core values (identity, focus, DNA) of HCL, that we will be guided and inspired by God to be as Christ centred as possible in our thinking and acting.

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