Prayer notes from Friday 3rd July


Consider Joshua 1: a well-known passage which tells us of God’s summons to Joshua, who had just taken over from Moses, to lead the Israelites into the promised land.  It not only gives a reassurance of God’s presence and protection (see v. 5), but reminds us that we are called to action, sometimes even to courageous action (see v. 9)

In case we should dismiss this as a special call for exceptional circumstances, note that the promise of God’s continuing presence is given in the New Testament at Hebrews 13:5; while the exhortation to be strong and courageous is given at 1 Corinthians 16:13. 


  • Peter has had some recent conversations with Mormon ‘missionaries’ to Ayr, challenging their beliefs.  Pray for fruit from these conversations.


  • It has been a great blessing to the Kilwinning part of the congregation that they have excellent relations with The Playz (community centre) where they have regularly held worship. Pray that these relationships may be re-established after lockdown and that there may be good co-operation and understanding about the requirements to keep the building hygienic.


  • Remember the East Kilbride congregation which lost its senior elder earlier this week.  The congregation knows that Iain Thomson’s ministerial term comes to an end in October. More immediately, they have a structural problem, with the need for repairs to their roof.  


  • The Arran congregation faces significant challenges with resuming services in the light of transport difficulties. Pray for a resolution to these problems.


  • The Free Church’s Chief Executive Officer is to leave his post in September.  Pray for a suitable replacement.


  • As lockdown is eased, pray that the medical authorities will be able to quickly identify new spikes in Covid-19 infection and take appropriate action. 


  • Remember the youngsters who would have been at Christian camps this summer (Free Church, SU etc.) and have because of the pandemic missed out on this opportunity. 


 By a strange coincidence we have links with both Free Church congregations that are mentioned in the denominational prayer notes.


Fortrose   Minister: Rory Stott


‘The congregation is made up of a range of ages. Thankfully we have not been too badly affected by the Corona Virus and being fairly remote, enjoy good access to walks and adequate primary facilities like grocery shops and a chemist.

Prayer Points

  1. Wisdom and resources in terms of the technology required to live stream church services from the church building in the coming months.

  2. We will be running a Christianity Explored course via Zoom from the beginning of July. Pray for good interest and commitment from people outside the congregation. Pray that God would use the course to bring people to himself.’



Govanhill   Minister: Kenny Boyd


‘We are a smallish congregation with around 60 in regular attendance - although that has fluctuated greatly in recent years, reaching 130 not so long ago.

Prayer Points:

  1. Lockdown has meant the closure of up to 5 different activities run in our building each week not including worship services and prayer meetings. Pray for the scores of people in the community with whom we now have only limited or no contact. Pray that as lockdown eases, we will know best how to reconnect.

  2. Pray for greater unity among the huge variety of peoples who profess faith in Christ within our own congregation and the other churches in the area. The potential for a stronger multi-lingual and multi-cultural testimony to the grace of God is vast.’ 

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