Prayer Notes from Friday 27th May 2022

· Pray for the Sunday services. In the morning in Ayr. B. Wilks is due to take the Communion service. R. Christie is taking the service in KILWINNING. The combined evening service has G. Keith as the preacher.


· Remember those connected with the congregation who are in special need – especially those who are unable to get out to services. Pray that God will show us individually how to support practically those in need in the congregation.


· Remember G. Moyo who is recovering from a urine infection, which has drained her of energy.


· Give thanks for the good attendance from both parts of the congregation at the recent congregational meeting in the church in Ayr. Pray that we might find other ways of being able to meet up or be able to work together and benefit from the gifts that we have collectively.


· The Vacancy.  Pray that God, who is able to do that which appears impossible to us, will lead us to a minister who is able and willing to take on the challenge our church presents with the two quite different situations.


· Give thanks for the regular ministry provided in both Ayr and Kilwinning by A. Howat and G. Keith. Give thanks for those in the congregation who are able to help out by taking the occasional prayer meeting – N. Smith and H. MacLeod. Pray that these men will be encouraged in this work.


· Keswick Ayrshire is being held in Kilmarnock from 3-5 June. A. Begg is the main speaker. Pray for this to be of benefit to all those who attend.


· Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Weekend, 2-5 June Give thanks for the long reign and Christian witness of the Queen. Pray that the events of next weekend will go off smoothly and that people will be able to enjoy a time of celebration in the midst of the economic crisis.


· M. and M. Lingard, Athens Please thank God for allowing us to start to build closer relationships with the people we are serving. (Continue to pray that God would guide them into the most useful work for them to be involved in. Much of this work is likely to be with refugees.)

Scripture Union

· SU has a free video resource called 'Move' available to schools which helps Primary 7 pupils explore their feelings around the transition to secondary school. It also explores the story of Daniel to find out how he met with change and faced its challenges. Pray that there would be a good uptake of this resource and that it would be helpful for young people and schools.


· There is work to be done on the Kingscross campsite in Arran to prepare for summer camps, such as gardening, cleaning, tidying and maintenance. People have been invited to help from 26-28 May and 10-12 June. Volunteers are provided with meals and can drop in and out. Pray that enough volunteers will be recruited and that the work will be completed on time.


Churches: -


· We are a small team of 14 adults and 8 children. Please pray that we continue to grow in relationship with one another and have unity around the Gospel.

Rosskeen Free Church

· Pray for all those who went through the recent Hope Explored course that what they heard would have a real impact on their lives and that would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Pray for Calum Macmillan as he is about to go on paternity leave that all would go well with the birth of his new baby

Livonia, Michigan

· Please pray for the Livonia congregation in Michigan which is now vacant and looking for a full-time pastor. Pray that the small congregation would be encouraged in their fellowship during this time.



‘Misión Integral Urbano Rural’ (Holistic Mission in the City and Countryside)

This grassroots Peruvian organisation was formed by a former Colegio San Andrés pupil and graduate of the Free Church College, Rev. P. Arana. The organisation runs community development projects in the city and countryside of Peru.

MISIUR works with over 130 children and teenagers in two needy communities, offering after-school activities which include the provision of a nutritious meal, academic support, Bible teaching, counselling and health checks. The children’s families are invited to help cook the meals at the centres and attend meetings on parenting skills and combatting gender violence. Training courses in baking and hairdressing are offered to help develop skills and obtain work. The work is carried out with close links to local Presbyterian churches so that the children, young people and their parents are invited to join in church activities and feel part of the Christian community.

Funds raised will go towards the provision of water tanks and solar panels to provide families with access to clean water plus enable children to study in the evenings and recharge mobile phones to take part in virtual classes.

(The above is one of the WfM Fundraising Projects for 2022/23. The information is taken from the Women for Mission website. The three projects are under the title Refuge & Strength.)