Prayer Notes from Friday 17th September 2021


  • Pray for the Sunday services. This Sunday morning in AYR being taken by T. McKenzie and in KILWINNING by M. MacLeod. The evening service in AYR at 5.30pm to be taken by M MacLeod.


  • The funeral of Rita MacD. is due to take place on Tuesday of this week in Lewis. Please pray for Callum and the rest of the family at this difficult time.


  • Continue to remember Gordon E., in the Community Hospital at Cumnock as well as May and the rest of the family.


  • Give thanks that Robert T. was able to attend church in Kilwinning last Sunday. Pray that he will make more consistent progress in regaining his strength. Pray also for Isabel and others in the family.


  • Fiona B. is in hospital as she is not making the expected progress following her stem cell transplant. Please pray for Fiona and Kenny at this very trying time.


  • Continue to pray for the activities involving young people in Kilwinning and in the denomination as a whole. Remember especially the online Big Free Rally on Saturday 25th September.


  • Shortages of staff in the NHS and in social care are causing constant pressure and long waits for treatment. Please pray for staff, patients and the Government as they seek to deal with the situation.


  • Pray for the cases of Covid-19 to drop significantly in the UK before the start of the winter.


  • Turkey Now that the lockdown in Turkey has ended, churches have been able to resume meeting together. Pray for them as they minister to those hardest-hit by the pandemic, and as they reach out to the nation with the good news of hope and new life in Christ.


  • Peru Peru has been one of the worst hit nations on Earth by Covid-19.  Pray for sustained recovery both in the health sector and in the economy. Pray for those who mourn, especially those who have lost the breadwinner of the family or whose income has evaporated.


Benjamin and Elaine van R.

Benjamin van R. and his wife Elaine are leaving Mauritius, after three years, and heading to Istanbul in Turkey where they previously lived for 20 years. Elaine has already got a job as a science teacher in a private school in Istanbul. Benjamin, Elaine and their two girls, Sarah and Rachel, are all together in Istanbul currently. This is the first time they have all been together since December 2019. But in October Benjamin will return to Mauritian Bible Training Institute (MBTI) to finish the year. He is to become a board member of MBTI and will continue teaching a few courses online next year. The family would appreciate your prayers at this time.

Broken Chains, Ayr

Broken chains is a charity run by a number of local churches. It provides a safe refuge for people affected by homelessness, social isolation, addiction, crime, mental health problems and other life debilitating issues.

Bible studies and rehab meetings are currently being carried out by Zoom. They have a walk on a Friday.

  • Pray that they will be able to find new premises to have in-person meetings in future.

  • Meetings are very evangelistic. Pray for conversions and that people will find the hope and the help that will result in changed lives.


Smithton-Culloden Minister: Alasdair Macleod

Smithton Church, based on the east side of Inverness, has a vision to ‘Know Jesus and make Jesus known’.

  • With all the encouragement of the Sunday service livestream over the last 18 months, which has been used thousands of times, please do pray that people will be encouraged to attend in person - perhaps even for the first time after watching online.

  • Pray for new works of outreach into new and existing developments on the east side of Inverness, with the hopes to plant new churches in future. And through whatever ministries can return, in time, pray that the church would be a beacon of hope and truth in difficult times - for people to know the Lord Jesus.



North Uist, Grimsay & Berneray Minister: Calum Smith

Our Islands are part of the chain of Islands known as the Western Isles. We have beautiful views across the Minch to Skye and out to the Atlantic with St Kilda on the horizon. The Church is based in Carinish, North Uist, in a former Inn that was renovated for Church use in 2008.

  • For a fortnight in August the Faith Mission visited for a series of ‘Drive In’ Gospel events and preaching engagements. Pray that this time will have encouraged Christians in meeting together for worship and fellowship, that the Word would be blessed to all who attended and that connections made may be followed up.

  • We have now returned to all our Sunday and midweek services being in person, alongside live streaming, which is a great encouragement. Pray that with restrictions easing and more seating area available people will feel comfortable to return to Church. Pray too for the Sunday school as it resumes after the holidays and give thanks for the way our young people have been able to engage with others throughout the Western Isles through online fellowships.