Prayer notes from Friday 27th March


Suggested Reading: Look into the book of Joel.  This is not an obvious choice as it deals with a plague of locusts, and so might appear more suited to recent events in East Africa and Pakistan, where locusts have devastated crops.  However, the effect of the plague of locusts in Israel was not simply to create economic hardship, but to bring a halt to the worship of God as laid out under the law of Moses.  (The Israelites were required to give grain and wine offerings along with the animals they sacrificed)

Notice (a) the emphasis on curtailing the worship of God in 1: 9, 13 and 16;

(b) the emphasis on the removal of joy from both social life (1:12) and from the assemblies of God’s people (1:16);

(c) the opening statement that the people had experienced nothing like it before (1:1)

Surely there are close parallels with our situation in the UK today!

  • Thank God that many of the live-streamed services on Sunday worked well and revealed good technological expertise in some of our congregations.  Govanhill Free Church have helpfully offered Ayr and Kilwinning a part in a live prayer meeting organised through Zoom.

  • Remember Margaret Aitken’s daughter, Bethany, who is recovering from coronavirus; and remember Fab Moyo who is still weak after the onset of diabetes.

  • Remember Nader and his mother and brothers after the recent death of his father through cancer in Tehran. Nader himself is awaiting accommodation in Glasgow.

  • Gillian Moyo is hoping to organise a Sunday School over Zoom for the children who attend Kilwinning Free Church.

  • The Free Church Youth Camps this summer have all been cancelled.  Remember those youngsters who will be disappointed by this.

  • Peter Sneddon has been distributing tracts about Easter in his own neighbourhood.  Pray that they may be read and the message heeded.

  • Remember parents and children at home under these exceptional arrangements – that family bonds and education would be strengthened rather than weakened.

  • The sale of the manse has slipped beyond its due date of 27th March.  There are hopes that all will be finalised early next week, but this is not certain.  Do go on praying about this.

  • Dingwall Free Church : Our ministry is organised into worship, mission, pastoral and communication teams. We thank God for several ministries covered by these teams, each requiring many dedicated volunteers. Ask God to strengthen our teams with more elders, deacons and male and female congregational workers. We long to connect with and serve unreached people in the community.

Our minister(Angus Macrae)  has recently been called to the Free North congregation. We ask for blessing on Angus and Ann and guidance for the future of the Dingwall congregation.


  • Covenant Church Newmilns :(minister: Benjamin Wilks): We’re currently revising our development plan. Please pray for wisdom as we consider how the universal mission of the church applies to our life as God’s people within our community.

As we consider ‘life on the frontline’ in our Connect Groups (fortnightly house groups), please pray that we will be equipped to share the gospel (and be good news ourselves) in our different daily contexts.



  • Remember Christian communities in East Africa (especially Kenya and Ethiopia) as well as those in Pakistan who have been affected by the double scourges of the locust plague and the coronavirus. 

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