Prayer notes from Friday 27th November


Consider Proverbs 6:1-11: This passage gives 2 warnings, first against foolish pledges (vv. 1-5) and then against a too carefree attitude to life’s responsibilities (vv. 6-11). Both apply at a mundane, human level and at a deeper, spiritual level. How might they instruct our prayers?

  • They highlight our need for practical wisdom and our responsibility to act on it when God provides it.

  • Inaction is often a sign of unbelief (compare Matthew 25:14-30 esp. at v. 26)

  • Not asking God in believing prayer is a way to spiritual poverty (James 4:2)



  • This Sunday in Ayr there will be the same pattern of Zoom (and YouTube) pre-recorded services as last week. M. Guy (an ETS student connected to the St Andrews ministry team) will be preaching in the morning from Philippians, while Angus will be leading the evening service.


  • This Sunday Kilwinning Free Church will have ministry from B. Morton (elder, Newmilns).


  • Gillian M. has made a significant improvement. Tests carried out by her GP have all come back clear. Continue to pray that Gillian will recover full energy and be able to resume her normal workload.


  • The pre-recorded ‘Christmas Event’ is now in its final stages of preparation. Pray for both wisdom in the way it is made more widely available and for open doors for its use.


  • Pray for other gospel churches and for University Christian Unions seeking to organise Carol Services to attract outsiders in the present unusual conditions.


  • Ask God to give the people of the UK a wise and restrained attitude as they plan for and approach the period (from 23 to 27 December) when much fewer restrictions will apply.


  • Continue to uphold those working in hospitals on the frontline against the pandemic. Remember too Care Homes and ask that the regular system of testing which has been scheduled for them will be quickly implemented.


Badenoch Minister: Alistair I. Wilson (Caretaker) Interim Moderator: John R. de la Haye


‘Alistair and Jenny Wilson live in the manse, and along with Clive Every-Clayton lead worship, which currently takes place on Zoom. This works well and has increased the attendance to about twenty. There has been spiritual progress meanwhile, and we pray for more. We enjoy good relations with other evangelicals and local churches. We have connected with the community through topical lectures, a carol service, and an 'International Day'. Last year we also hosted groups of campers, for whom we arranged all-age services. The congregation is welcoming, and we seek to be accessible to first-time attenders as well as regulars.


Prayer Points:

  1. For those who are regularly part of the congregation to have a clear Christian commitment, based on a good understanding of the Gospel which they can share with others.

  2. For the elderly who are left isolated by current restrictions, that there may be ways of providing fellowship and help and encouragement.’



London City Presbyterian Church Minister: Andy Pearson

‘LCPC is a vibrant, diverse Christian community meeting in the heart of the UK’s capital.

Prayer Points:

  1. Please thank God that so many have shown such an appetite to return to corporate worship post lockdown.

  2. Please pray for the eldership as they seek to provide pastoral care to the numerous people struggling with the knock-on effects of CV19.’

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