Sunday 29 November 2020: 11.00 am – Service on Zoom and YouTube – speaker is Mr M. Guy, a part-time student at ETS who is due to complete his studies June 2023

6.30 pm – Service on Zoom and You Tube.


Thursday 3 December 2020: 2.00pm – Prayer meeting on Zoom.


Sunday 6 December 2020: 11.00 am – Service on Zoom and YouTube

6.30 pm – Service on Zoom and YouTube


Vacancy Schedule: Just in case some of you have not heard that Ayr and Kilwinning’s Schedule was passed at the Glasgow and Argyll Presbytery last Tuesday and now goes to the Board of Mission for their approval.


Harvest Thanksgiving Collection: If anyone would still like to donate to the Shekinah Evangelical Church in Bahktapur, Nepal, where S. Kasula is minister. Please contact Lindsay Keith, 01292 441853 or lindsay.keithayrfch@talktalk.net


Used stamps: A message from the RNIB - Please don’t let your used stamps go to waste this Christmas; save them from your cards and parcels and RNIB will recycle them into funds to create a future where sight loss is no longer a barrier. You can get more details from their website: -https://www.rnib.org.uk/donations-and-fundraising/fundraising-your-community/stamps-appeal. M. Aitken has very kindly offered to collect the used stamps and send them off to the RNIB.


VASA (Voluntary Action South Ayrshire) will be facilitating on Tuesday 15th December a Hope for Justice Human Trafficking event on Zoom. If you would like more information regarding this please contact Lindsay.



If you would like details of how to join our Zoom services/meetings please contact: - Lindsay Keith, Vol. Administrator (details below).



Voluntary Administrator: Any notices/information for the Sunday Notice sheet should go through me till further notice: - lindsay.keithayrfch@talktalk.net or 01292 441853.

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